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    Slamming at 67

    “She had crawled half-way over a log that much larger than she was when she spotted a Bonnie in a small pool on the other side of the log,” he recalled. “Not wanting to scare it away, she laid down on the log and pushed her rod slowly in front of her. Before she could get the fly where she really wanted it, another trout rose and took it.”

    Beth Lynn Dishman fishes for a Colorado River cutthroat trout to complete one of her seven Utah Cutthroat Slams. Paul Dishman photo. Fishing challenge for native cutthroat trout keeps Utah couple busy and close Beth Lynn Dishman thought her fishing days were over. It had been years, even decades, since she last held a fly…

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    Everything you wanted to know: westslope cutthroat trout

    Westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi)    Species Summary & Status: Officially designated as Montana’s state fish, the westslope cutthroat’s historical range included all of Montana west of the Continental Divide, as well as the upper Missouri River drainage. The average size of these fish is 6 to 16 inches, depending on habitat.  It is often…

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    TU moms share and learn about the outdoors from their kids

    Besides, what if her children – including those she has worked with through Trout Unlimited’s youth initiative programs - emerged as leaders of conservation and increase their generation’s efforts to restore and protect nature?

    The joy of discovery and setting an example Long before she was a mother, Tara Granke understood the importance of connecting kids to nature. When her son, August, arrived nearly three years ago she quickly became aware of how much she could learn from him. “It is so amazing to watch his sense of wonder…