Brett Prettyman

  • From the field

    Race up Rock Creek

    Rock Creek trout

    Last year it was Larry who wowed the crowd with his 140 mile swim. This year, Trash Can Jr. is in the lead, migrating nearly 50 miles to date. But the real question is what the heck is going on with Wesley Cooper Saywell Farty Pants? It’s the 4th and final year for the Race…

  • 20 Questions

    20 Questions: Heidi Lewis

    Heidi Lewis. Jenny O'Brien photo. Editor’s note: Every so often, we’ll put movers and shakers in the fly-fishing world on the spot with our version of the Proust profile questionnaire. We’ve asked our subjects to be brutally honest and as forthright as they choose as they answer questions that might make them think, reminisce and look forward in their…

  • Trout in the Classroom

    Tying flies with a zombie killer

    Trout Unlimited's TIC teachers learn fly tying and entomology from actor Brian Sheppard Training sessions often get labeled as a boring, but required, means of qualifying to hold certain positions in society.  The teachers who help with Trout Unlimited’s Trout in the Classroom program have gone through enough rigmarole to last a lifetime. Lillit Genovesi,…

  • Trout Talk

    Fishing and filming to ‘Escape’ the pain

    “I knew the bugs would be smashed up against the bank and the angle and light would all be just right, but I was in pain. I ended up arguing with myself but seeing the shot already in mind forced me to get up and be a functioning human being. I knew if I didn’t go then, I would miss it. Things couldn’t have worked out any better. I owe that to the river.”

    Autoimmune disease spurs new fishing film featured in the Fly Fishing Film Tour Anglers are often heard saying, “I have to go fishing”. The statement isn’t just an excuse to get on the water when Ryan Kelly says it — it’s a fact of life.  And since he has to go fishing to keep his…

  • Teenager explores home water as a TU volunteer

    “I walked up and there was a lady sitting there and this boy, like 9 or 10, riding a boogie board in the culvert,” said Browne. “It was pretty crazy.”

    Local student surveyed culverts on Gallatin River tributaries to determine possible fish barriers Nathan Browne expected to see high drop offs, steep inclines and maybe a beaver dam or two when he volunteered to survey road culverts on Gallatin River tributaries in the summer of 2020.  He saw those things, and other issues, but one of…