Brett Prettyman

  • Fishing

    Old memories with Dad … new ones as Dad

    My dad and my youngest son don’t know each other very well.  Initially it was because my dad lived in another part of the state and visits were too few and far between. In more recent years their ability to connect on a personal level has been hampered by Alzheimer’s, and now, appropriate separation issues…

  • Advocacy

    Rose is at the ready for Wyoming anglers, hunters

    People and places change lives. This maxim is evident in Liz Rose’s new position as Wyoming field organizer with Trout Unlimited's Sportsmen’s Conservation Project.  Rose spent a lot of her childhood at a family cabin along the Sacramento River near Lake Shasta in California. Her time there fostered an interest in natural science and love…

  • Science

    TU trout population estimation model used for humans

    It’s safe to say no one thought the model created for trout would end up estimating human populations in remote areas of Africa.

    Scientists often use models created by others to do conservation work, but sometimes they create new methods to obtain specific information for their needs. Trout Unlimited scientists recently collaborated with a group of outside scientists to estimate abundances for trout populations across the entire range of a threatened Lahontan cutthroat. It’s safe to say no…

  • Community

    Adding some color to the chaos

    Bri Dostie, like so many others during this coronavirus epidemic, finds herself seeking comfort in something familiar. The Maine resident often ends up working on drawings to complete a nature/conservation-themed coloring book she plans to eventually release. Dostie is also keeping in touch with family and friends. A common theme has emerged among parents during…

  • Community

    Join us for the #CleantheGreen2020 campaign

    Whether or not they publicly admit it, every angler has a home river or stream — the place they think of first when even the slightest of openings appear on the calendar. The Green River below Flaming Gorge Dam in northeastern Utah is 200 miles from my front door but it is my home river.…

  • Voices from the river

    Going to the birds

    The fishing had been ok that morning years ago when Corey Fisher and I waded up a small creek in Utah trying not to scare fish — or rattlesnakes. We had each caught a couple, but nothing like the fish we had heard about coming from this remote destination.    That, however, was about to…