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  • Fly tying

    Introducing ‘Tying One On,’ with TU’s own Nick Halle

    Like a lot of us, Nick's passion is fly fishing, and, like a lot of us, he ties his own flies

    At TU, many of us live to fish. For many of us here at the organization, the art of angling is what drew us to the need to protect the trout and salmon that we spend much of our lives chasing. Nick Halle is no different. As a volunteer operations coordinator, Nick is well-known among…

  • Fly tying

    Tying the Ruptured Egg Cluster for the spawn

    In just a few weeks, spring spawning trout, whitefish and suckers will migrate and begin clearing redds in rivers and streams all over America. Between late February and even into June or July at higher elevations, there will be eggs in the water, and that means predatory trout and char will be on the prowl.   Fly fishers…

  • Gear reviews

    Simms launches new Flyweight collection

    It's an interesting time for fly fishing gear manufacturers. The ongoing pandemic has cancelled trade shows and outdoor expos, so marketing departments are working through what's become an unfortunate new normal. How do you introduce a consumer base — even a loyal one — to new products? Simms is facing that challenge as I write…

  • 20 Questions

    20 Questions: Jen Ripple

    Jen Ripple, editor and publisher of DUN Magazine, has worked her tail off over the last several years, throwing everything she’s got into her passion and crafting a publication that shows how relevant women really are in the fly-fishing community.

    Editor’s note: Every so often, we’ll put movers and shakers in the fly-fishing world on the spot with our version of the Proust profile questionnaire. We’ve asked our subjects to be brutally honest and as forthright as they choose as they answer questions that might make them think, reminisce and look forward in their lives. And, honestly, some of these…

  • Featured

    AFFTA’s Bulis steps down

    It may not be considered remarkable news when the head of an industry trade association steps down, but for fly fishers across America, this one's different. Ben Bulis, president of the American Fly Fishing Trade Association for the past nine years, announced his resignation this week. Bulis helped rejuvenate AFFTA, working to first save the…