Corey Fisher

  • Conservation

    Forest Service oil and gas rulemaking is a public land fire sale

    Oil and gas leases on public lands continue to be offered for fire-sale prices, oftentimes in conflict with fish, wildlife and public land users. In fact, millions of acres of public land offered for oil and gas leases are being let go for as little as $1.50 per acre. This speculative leasing is creating mounds of unnecessary analysis and paperwork, diverting public land managers from other priorities…

  • Featured

    The question we should all be asking ourselves

    How can we ensure a brighter future for our public lands? We have spent much of the past month reflecting on the role public lands play in our lives. But now is the time to make a plan. Safeguarding our outdoor traditions takes more than one month of celebrating public lands. The challenges are many: from habitat threats, to transfer of…

  • Government Affairs

    How the BATTERY Act could make a difference for trout and salmon

    Windmill at sunset

    U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko, a Democrat from New York, and Rep. John Curtis, a Republican from Utah, recently came together to introduce the BATTERY Act, legislation that will establish a research, development and demonstration program for recycling critical minerals used in advanced battery technologies, such as those in our cell phones and electric vehicles.   At a time noted for its polarized…

  • Advocacy

    A critical time for critical minerals

    We need to protect trout and salmon fisheries when mining the raw materials of our clean energy future Among policy makers, critical minerals are a big deal. As for the rest of us, we may not know just how important these minerals are to everyday life.     In today’s world, minerals like cobalt, lithium, rare earth elements, tellurium and dozens of others…