Kara Armano

  • Voices from the river

    Adventure fishing delivers

    Going deeper always pays As snow falls gently from the sky and piles up enough to snowshoe and ski (and shovel), I can’t help but think about the places fishing took me over the warm summer months and where I’ll seek out trout next summer. There’s something about seeing snowflakes gently cascading down that makes me excited for adventure…

  • Voices from the river

    Grateful for fly fishing

    While life has recently dealt me a tough hand, I still have much to be thankful for this holiday season. Cancer hits so many people, but as a 40-year-old, healthy, fit, active woman, I certainly didn’t think it would be me dealing with breast cancer. Luckily, family and friends top my thank-God-I-have-them list, and I…

  • Conservation

    Working to keep the Rio Grande cutthroat trout off the Endangered Species List

    Rio Grande cutthroat trout alive and well in Northern New Mexico Extensive efforts in southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico to restore habitat for the Rio Grande cutthroat trout (RGCT) have been underway since at least 2003. State agencies, tribes, federal agencies and Trout Unlimited have cooperated to bring this species back to more of its historic range, applying expert knowledge and…

  • Conservation

    Mine reclamation takes partners

    Partnerships are critical to getting large tasks accomplished. That’s true in nearly every aspect of Trout Unlimited’s work: from getting legislation passed to ensuring clean water for anglers and access to public lands to habitat improvement projects to help restore native fisheries, and most certainly, for the complex nature of abandoned mine cleanup.    Near Crested Butte, Colo., and up…

  • Voices from the river

    Fishing for recovery and love

    I’m certain there’s nothing glamorous nor fun about breaking your knee. Yes, your knee. In college, I shattered my knee (tibial plateau) while skiing in Canada. After two major surgeries, I was on the slow road to recovery, which meant getting super buff crutching across campus (and dealing with thick, nasty callouses on my palms),…

  • Voices from the river

    Fitting it all in before it snows

    Fall beauty in southern Colorado Fall means trying to do a little bit of everything before the snow flies: the last mountain bike rides on dirt, climbing peaks to glass for elk, leaf peeping before they turn brown and litter the ground and of course, the last warm days of fishing. I celebrate this time of year and find…