Kara Armano

  • Advocacy

    Responsible oil and gas development can happen

    Colorado TU and national TU worked in harmony to pass groundbreaking changes to Colorado’s oil and gas drilling regulations.   Starting in 2014, Trout Unlimited initiated conversations with the oil and gas industry and conservation partners to establish more robust protections for Colorado’s most important fisheries. The idea was simple: prohibit stream-side oil and gas development and require spill protection…

  • Voices from the river

    Home is where the fish are

    Home. It’s where many of us feel most alive and comforted. And this year, many of us have become all too familiar with our homes. Since I work from home (and have for years), I cherish the idea of expanding my concept of home.   My physical home is lovely. A ranch-style house with three bedrooms (one too many,…

  • Voices from the river

    Nature’s wonders bring thanks

    Finding things to be thankful for this week — especially this year — can be a challenge. But if we look deep enough, we can find them.   I chose to look in nature.   The brightest green lichen on dark volcanic rocks pop against the drab fall scenery.   The sweet smell of ponderosa pines after a recent storm.  …

  • Dam Removal

    Faces of Restoration: Aqua Terra Restoration helps remove Rattlesnake Dam

    Thanks to Arlin Grimes and his Aqua Terra Restoration business, the Rattlesnake Dam near Missoula, Mont., is now down

    Two construction workers help remove a dam in Montana.

    TU works with some extremely talented characters while developing and completing projects in the field that help make fishing better. We are excited to bring you a series highlighting these Contractors. We hire equipment operators, truck drivers, laborers, material suppliers, engineers, technicians, and water testing labs. They are unique, talented, humble and some are downright wild, but…