Kurt Fesenmyer

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    New study links human influence to recent megadrought

    Apache and Gila trout face vast new challenges thanks to landscape alterations What do two 19-year intervals separated by four centuries have in common, and what do the similarities mean for native trout? A recent study reconstructed climate for Southwestern North America, including California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, and found the years 1575-1593 and…

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    Restoring streamside vegetation using grazing and beavers

    Ranchers, Bureau of Land Management staff, and other partners tour Susie Creek in 2012.Photo courtesy Carol Evans/BLM. If you hang around a Bureau of Land Management biologist near a stream long enough, you are bound to hear the acronym PFC. Proper Functioning Condition is a long-standing rapid assessment the BLM uses to evaluate the overall condition or…