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  • Voices from the river

    A Colorado fishing story

    Two anglers on the banks of Antero Reservoir in Colorado.

    Two old friends get together in Salida for one last trout trip By Jim Aylsworth While my dear friend Dick and I would enjoy fishing anywhere together, for this trip we chose to explore the water around Salida, Colo. Upon seeing him at the airport I knew better, but just couldn't help myself. In the…

  • Gila trout: All you need to know

    Gila Trout: (Oncorynchus gilae gilae)  Species Summary and Status: The Gila trout is one of the rarest trout species in the United States. The historical distribution of the Gila trout originally included nearly 620 miles of small stream habitat within two separate population centers: one in the upper Gila River basin in western New Mexico, and…

  • The Apache trout: All you need to know

    Apache Trout (Oncoryhnchus gilae apache) Species Summary and Status: The Apache trout is one of only two trout native to Arizona. The Apache trout was historically found only in the nearly 700 miles of headwaters of the White, Black and Little Colorado rivers above 5,900 feet. At one point, nearing extinction, Apache trout occupied only 30…