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    PSA: This ‘boat blog’ has a name

    Way back in March I wrote my intro to this platform that I’ll post again below. Hopefully it resonates with a few of you and is providing some entertainment. We try not to take ourselves to seriously and would love some feedback if you have a second.

    It’s called The Thalweg and I only bring it up because it’s been a few months since we launched and wanted to reiterate our mission statement of sorts. We also want to know what the audience was liking or disliking as well as what you all want to see and hear more of. I'm having…

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    Throwback advertising: absurd old-school drift boat sales video

    motion, fish handling from hell, absurd rowing lines, more absurd launches, and stress tests with sledgehammers and rocks.

    The old Lavro drift boat video I stumbled on via YouTube had me in stitches this past weekend and had to share. The upload date says 2009, but I'm pretty sure it was filmed way before then. Now, don't get me wrong, Lavro made some really cool boats back in the day — especially some…

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    Quick tip: A new way to ship your oars

    No, we're not talking FedEx ground here... To ship your oars means, in it's simplest term, to stop rowing and pull the oars inside or next to the the boat. You can do this a number of ways and for a number of reasons. Maybe you're approaching a narrow rowing spot or coming close to…

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    Boat Books: ‘The Ocean’

    rfer Laird Hamilton, marine archeologist Robert Ballard, and famed sailor Lin Pardey presented in a handsome foil-stamped cover to make this the definitive go-to guide for anyone captivated by the wonder, power, and mystery of the ocean.

    The Ultimate Handbook of Nautical Knowledge An interesting coffee table hardback came across my desk a few weeks ago with the title above. I will admit at first I merely glanced over it as I get a lot of books sent to me for review. I’ll be honest — not that many get me fired…

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    TU Tested: Sea Run rod and gear cases

    From the moment I spied the photos and read snippets about Sea Run cases from Italian high-end gun case maker Negrini, I knew they had made something special. I’ve made my own fly rod cases multiple times, and used about every manufacturer’s version over the years for both travel and extended float/road trips. Most of…

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    Ode to the homely jon boat

    As I rowed the 14-foot lumbering jon boat back to her berth on the side of a remote lake in the Adirondack mountains after an incredible day of smallmouth fishing the other day, I thought to myself how much I both love and hate jon boats. They are ugly as hell, hard to row, but…

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    What’s the most important piece of gear when going boating?

    Is it your PFD? Probably. What about a spare oar? We all know what happens when you forget that important piece of equipment. First-aid kit? That's an obvious one. What's not as obvious, easily forgotten and potentially dangerous is forgetting the spare key. Dude, wait. Where are the keys? I'd argue it’s almost as important…