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    From the TROUT Magazine vault: Restoration

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the Summer of 2015. Two years ago, I took possession of a weathered 15-year- old wooden fishing dory from my friend Andy Toohey. “Took possession,” because I didn’t buy it, and he didn’t want it. He let me have that boat, but only after…

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    Take the training wheels off

    Never use Oar-rights again I might catch bunch of flack for this next comment, but here goes. I really believe it. If you're running oar-rights on your rig, you're not not nearly as an efficient or proficient as a rower who doesn't. Especially while fishing. You simply cannot utilize all of the rowing techniques and…

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    A floating hot tub, snow-kayaking and a real paper canoe

    When your life revolves around the fishing industry, creating boat content for a conservation organization, and maintaining a few too many boats of your own, you come across some pretty funny and entertaining stuff on the internet. This week I thought I'd share what I've stumbled across recently. Enjoy! The first is just genius. It's…

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    Is owning seven boats a problem? Or a solution?

    I have seven boats. I say that not to brag, but more like a confession in a 12-step program. There I said it. I have a problem. It’s slightly embarrassing. It’s an expensive habit on which I’ve wasted far too much money and even more time, but… I literally can’t help myself. It started innocently…

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    Video: Raft Tear Field Repair

    Last week Josh posted a piece on valve repair, and I want to take it a little bit further with a very in-depth video from the folks at Rafting Magazine and Sotar rafts about field repair for raft tears using both a traditional repair kit and a handy product called Tear-Aid. Tear-Aid is an indispensable…

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    Video: Five exercises to get you in shape for rowing season

    Then it hit me while working out yesterday, perhaps I should concentrate on some exercises that will help me prepare for not only some big rafting trips I have coming up, but the entire season.

    I snuck in my first float of the season two weeks ago. It was a solo affair on a section of the Colorado I know very well. Since then it has proceeded to snow or rain at least every other day in my neck of the woods and really put a damper on boating. I…

  • Video: A solid knot for attaching an anchor to a raft or drift boat

    Video: A solid knot for attaching an anchor for a raft or driftboat.

    I'm not (pun intended) sure I even know what exactly this specific knot in the video below is actually called. It seems to be a variation on the anchor bend. What I can tell you is that it works for connecting an anchor line to an anchor. Very well. Of course this is only if…