Use in Relation to Chapter Name and Appropriate Border Area

For consistency among chapters of TU, it is important to uniformly identify a chapter name with the TU logo. This is a very important part of the visual cohesiveness for our organization, and helps unite the many chapters of TU.

When using the non-knockout TU logo at its recommended size (100% of downloadable logo) the chapter names are to be set in Gill Sans Bold, centered, in all caps sized 7.5pts with 9pt leading, and ideally with opened kerning similar to that of “UNLIMITED.” For the knockout logo version (far right), the chapter name should also be set in Gill Sans Bold but at 7pt with 8.5 pt leading. The chapter name should be centered below the logo, separated by the space equal to the height of “UNLIMITED,” the same distance used for the border of the knockout logo. At this configuration, the chapter name should appear just smaller in type size than “UNLIMITED.”

For most chapters, the name will be set on the first line, with the word “CHAPTER” below. However, when the typeset chapter name is equal to or greater than twice the measured border space (as with SHENENDOAH VALLEY CHAPTER), then the name should drop down.


When the non-knockout logo is printing in its official 2 colors, the chapter name should appear in the green, PMS 360. When using the knockout logo version trapped to a color or photo, the chapter name should be either black or reversed out to the paper stock, whichever proves most legible.


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