Milwaukee River

Tip of the week 

Fish deep in the water column, dead drifting eggs or nymphs. If you're fishing streamers, slow stripping is the program. Fish flies mid-water column to the river bed. Stop in the shop and get your gear, and tackle tuned up for a successful spring!

Seven-day forecast 

Highs will be in the upper thirties to mid forties during the day throughout the week, cooling off at night back down to the twenties. Sunny and clear all week.

Must Have Flies 
Steelhead Hammer all colors 6-10 Buy from
Schultzy's Steech purple/black 8 Buy from
Meg A Egg all colors 6-12 Buy from
Chicken Little all colors 10,12 Buy from
Cone Head Muddler Minnow white, brown 10 Buy from
Showgirl red/purple 2 Buy from
Orvis Milwaukee

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