Milwaukee River

Tip of the week 

Fishing from shore is going to be the safest way with high waters. Find a spot on the bank where you have some room to roll cast or steeple cast, these will be the most effective casts to use in shore fishing. Drift foam lines and seams with an upstream mend. Look for shallow eddys that fish may be tucked up in. Strip streamers through this slack water.

Seven-day forecast 

Highs will be in the Mid 60's or Low 70's during the day throughout the week, we have a bit of rain in the forecast which will push river levels up again. Nights will be mild, cooling off into the upper forties.

Must Have Flies 
TeQueely Streamer Copper/Yellow/Black 4 Buy from
Sneaky Pete Popper Black, Orange, White 4 Buy from
Schultzy's Low Water Crayfish Rust/Olive 6 Buy from
Orange Blossom Special Fly Orange 6,8 Buy from
Freshwater Clouser White/Chartreuse 6,8 Buy from
Woolly Bugger White Black, Black/Olive,Olive, Rust 4-10 Buy from
Orvis Milwaukee

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