Tip of the week 

Closed for the Season. Open Mid May 2018

Seven-day forecast 

We are finished for the season. There still some albies off Great Point and Bass on every shore around the Island at night. The weather has been so warm I fell the fishiong will remain strong for several more weeks. Now it is late November, t is really cold out there on the water with a strong northerly wind every day. Time to find some warm weather and warm water fish. See you next season.


Closed for the Season. Open Mid May 2018

Must Have Flies 
Burk's Hot Flash Minnow Blue/white 1/0 Buy from
Bucktail Deceiver white 1/0 Buy from
Cowen's Albie Anchovie Cha/wh 1/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow Chartruse/white 1/0 Buy from
Monomoy Flatwing 1/0 Buy from
Montauk Monster Buy from
Capt Tom's Charters

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