New York Harbor

Tip of the week 

Full sinking lines on Bunker Schools

Intermediate Lines small flies on the "leading edge" of the school.

Seven-day forecast 

Striped Bass Migration will continue to increase in size and numbers as fall deepens


The Striped Bass Migration is still going strong. This latest cold front should move even more fish into our area. Bass are feeding on the surface eating topwater flies and bigger fish on Large Bunker Flies on sinking lines

Must Have Flies 
Bucktail Deceiver Chartreuse/White 4/0 Buy from
Mylar Popper Olive/White 4/0 Buy from
Half And Half Olive/White 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Clouser Minnow chart/white 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Cowen's Albie Anchovie white 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Cowen's Baitfish Olive/White 2/0-4/0 Buy from
Fin Chaser Charters

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