Norfork (North Fork of the White River)

Tip of the week 

Low water: 9' 6X leader, 4' 6X or 7X tippet below strike indicator. Tie on midge pattern, place a #7 split shot above fly. High stick and set the hook if the indicator hesitates or goes down.

High water: Use6 to 8 wt rod: 1 generator: Tie 10' of 4X tippet to fly line loop. Place strike indicator 2" below loop. Place 3/0 split shot 8' below indicator. Tie fly (below split shot. Fish 90 degrees to side of boat, 30' out and drift. Fish whole river bank to bank.Tan addis puppa,314, Ruby midge, #18.
On 2 generators use 12' of tippet and put heavier split shot at 10' below strike indicator.

Seven-day forecast 

Water generation varies, always call ahead and find a marker on the shoreline so you can observe rising water.
Water Generation Predictions call 866-494-1993
Current Water Generation call 870-431-53
50's at night and 70's day

For the week it looks like chance of rain throughout the week with Sunny breaks.

Just getting through a cold weather period. The flies and streamers you will need are Olive Wooly Buggers, eggs, San Juan Worms and copper Johns.
Fishing will be excellent for the coming week!

Mid 30's to mid 40's and chance of showers.

Must Have Flies 
Ian's Crunchy Caddis green 16 Buy from
Rouse's J-Dub Sow Bug grey 18-22 Buy from
Bead Head Caddis Pupa crystal,black 18-22 Buy from
John Gulley

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