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Bringing the salmon home

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On the border of Oregon and California, the largest dam removal ever attempted, anywhere on the planet, is underway on the Klamath River.

State of the Trout

Executive summary Fishing for trout is a passion shared by countless anglers across the country. The challenge of catching a monster Lahontan cutthroat trout from Nevada’s Pyramid Lake or a salter brook trout from a coastal stream in Massachusetts can be rewarding and frustrating all at the same time. As fly-fishing author John Gierach described

Wrap-up: The state of our hydrology today in the Colorado River Basin

In this final installment of the Western Water 101 series we’ll turn our attention to current events to draw together some of the topics and themes we’ve explored over the course of the series. With the extremely dry conditions throughout the West, TU’s work—from on-the-ground projects to legislative advocacy and agency collaboration—is more important than ever. The current drought crisis in the region draws together many of the themes discussed over the

A case of mistaken identity

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It was the stuff of angling dreams yet, until a few short days prior, I wouldn’t have even confidently been able to identify a native interior redband in an underwater lineup. As I reached the highest point on the stream that I was comfortable climbing, my sandaled feet bloodied and blistered, I pondered what a shame that was. 

Dam Removal Success Stories, Executive Summary

12/13/1999 Dam Removal Success Stories, Executive Summary Dam Removal Success Stories, Executive Summary Restoring Rivers through Selective Removal of Dams that Don’t Make Sense Contact: 12/13/1999 — — Few human actions have more significant impacts on a river system than the presence of a dam. Although dams can provide important societal benefits, dams also cause

Voices from the River: Precious time

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By Chris Hunt I’ve never been much of a public speaker. It’s just not my thing. But when my sister-in-law asked me to speak at my brother’s funeral … well, you don’t say ‘no’ to that. In truth, I sobbed my way through the eulogy—Brice was my little brother, and while I could handle the

Climate Change

Climate change is not waiting for us in some distant day. It’s here, now. For trout and salmon, the problem is clear enough at the most basic level. Trout and salmon rely on cold, clean water in a world that is rapidly warming. Persistent drought, massive wildfires, catastrophic flooding—our newsfeeds are filled with threats to

Trout Unlimited welcomes seven new board members

October 25, 2020 Contact: Mark Taylor, Trout Unlimited, ARLINGTON, Va.—Trout Unlimited welcomed seven new members to its Board of Trustees at its recent annual meeting. The new board members bring a mix of conservation and communications expertise, fishing industry experience, legal acumen, and a passion for Trout Unlimited’s work. “Our new board members bring

Mourning loss and ascending the Lochsa

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As I brought the fish to the net, I was overwhelmed with its weight, length and textbook coloring.
As I resuscitated this fish in the slow but moving waters along the side of the Lochsa, I thought of Mark, and I wished that he could have seen this. 
Summiting Lolo Pass, I stopped along the side of the road, taking in the wilderness below me, now to the east and south, and thought about all that I was leaving behind.

20 Questions: Heidi Lewis

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I often lie when I’m asked when I’ll be home from fishing. I’ve learned to not answer the question until I’m in my car driving home. It’s so hard to leave the river. There’s always another bend, another puzzle, more wildlife. I almost rather not go at all than to leave!

Chris Wood’s full testimony “fire borrowing”

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November 5, 2015 Testimony of Trout Unlimited to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry hearing on: Wildfire: Stakeholder Perspectives on Budgetary Impacts and Threats to Natural Resources on Federal, State and Private Lands. Chairman Roberts, Ranking Member Stabenow, and Committee Members: My name is Chris Wood. I am the President and CEO of

Q&A with new NLC leadership

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View of Upper Delaware river from high during autumn

We recently caught up with Rich Thomas and Sharon Sweeney Fee, who just took over two important leadership positions on Trout Unlimited’s National Leadership Council (NLC). 

TU honors 2018 class of conservation award winners

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Recognizing Trout Unlimited’s amazing chapters, volunteers and partners is one of the most important parts of our organization’s annual meeting. This year in Redding, California, two chapters, five volunteers and four partners were singled out for their contributions to Trout Unlimited efforts across the nation. TU’s national conservation awards have been a part of our