Blackwater River


said on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

I am the Chair of WV Council. I am also starting my own chapter in central WV and there is a new chapter starting in southern WV as well. Please give me a call or email to talk. I desperately want to help you get a chapter started and will support in every way.

Philip Smith

said on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Hello Mr. Smith

Thank you for and I am glad to hear the context of your reply. I have contact with another person also that works with the staff of T.U. here in Thomas. I truly am glad of your offer.

I have a PDF file of some of the break down of the Chapter requirements. My next step is to try and put together an Article with some pictures that I can put into the news papers in the surrounding areas.I know there are many trout enthusiasts in the surrounding counties of Tucker but I just have to do some advertising and recruiting. I am also looking to create a couple of flyer's. If you can help me in these matters it would be appreciated. I need to come up with some T.U. clip art and stories. I was involved with T.U. many years ago but have been away from it since reentering the Army. I just retired last year and I want to resume a sport that gave me such peace of mind and a calm feeling.

I would have been interested in the existing chapter in central WV. but this is a bit too far for myself and some others in the area. I have already identified some streams in the area that will be a challenge due to the old mines. The trout fishing  is important to the anglers but it has a vital role in West Virginia s economy as well !

where abouts are you located? maybe we could meet some time?

I do look forward to hearing from you.



John Arnold

Thomas, WV.

U.S. Army (retired)  .

said on Sunday, December 8th, 2013

black water updat

  • Ive ben able to gather a list of interested members. I will be planning  other methods publicity. once the interested members could agree, we will plan a meeting here in Thomas, WV.
  • At the meeting we will also look at a future projects.
  • in which a first may be the North Branch of the Blackwater River.
  • A big portion of this is still a DEAD RIVER due to the old coal mines.

  • (This right out polution of our water shed.)

  • This efects the small aquatic life and the fishing all the way down to the Dry fork River. This is the water shed of the Cheat River.
  • Sure there is some fishing in the upper portion of the Blackwater River, Where the two branches meet but it has the potential to make the truot fishing in the Blackwater,Dry fork,Black fork and the cheat so much better! 

any support and advice is welcomed.

Thanks for reading ~ John


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