1. Eastern Sierra Trout Project


    The Eastern Sierra is well known for its majestic peaks, geographic isolation, and world-class angling for wild trout. This region often draws comparisons to Montana for its diverse year-round fishing opportunities in the Walker, Owens and Carson River watersheds.

  2. Truckee River Project


    The Truckee River watershed offers one of the most diverse fishing experiences in the West. One can find pure Lahontan cutthroat trout in the Truckee's headwaters in roadless backcountry above iconic Lake Tahoe, the country's largest alpine lake.

  3. Lahontan Basin Trout Initiative


    The Lahontan Basin is an exceptional landscape that spans three western states: California, Oregon, and Nevada. Part of the Great Basin, this semi-arid region is rich in fish and wildlife and provides outstanding fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities.

  4. Water and Wine

  5. Southern Steelhead Recovery


    Trout Unlimited's South Coast chapter, based in Orange County, California, has been working to bring back the southern steelhead to coastal streams south of Los Angeles for two decades.  The Southern California Coastal Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of steelhead was listed as Endangered (immin

  6. Improving streamflows in Central Valley rivers for salmon and steelhead


    The Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan process now in progress before the California State Water Resources Control Board presents a unique opportunity to secure adequate streamflows for cold-water fish below large reservoirs on major tributaries to the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.   These

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