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  1. Great Lakes Stream Restoration


    A majority o

  2. Suction Dredge Mining Reform in Washington State

    TU is working hard to address a serious problem impacting Washington’s watersheds and threatening the health of our native fish populations: unregulated suction dredge mining and other forms of motorized mineral prospecting.

    All streams in Washington are currently open to suction dredging, including designated Critical Habitat for threatened and endangered salmon, steelhead, and bull trout. The “Gold and Fish” regulations fail to protect our native fish.
  3. Great Lakes Advocacy


    The Great Lakes are threatened by invasive species, pollution, and emerging commercial aquaculture proposals, creating a need for state and federal policies that protect the Great Lakes and sustained public funding for Great Lakes restoration efforts.

  4. Great Lakes Stream Restoration


    With more than 20 percent of the Earth’s available freshwater flowing through its rivers, streams and lakes, the Great Lakes basin is an unparalleled natural resource.

  5. Upper James River Home Rivers Initiative


    The Upper James River watershed drains more than 3,000 square miles of western Virginia encompassing 10 counties and hundreds of tributary streams -- the lifeblood of the James River.

  6. Eastern Sierra Trout Project


    The Eastern Sierra is well known for its majestic peaks, geographic isolation, and world-class angling for wild trout. This region often draws comparisons to Montana for its diverse year-round fishing opportunities in the Walker, Owens and Carson River watersheds.

  7. Truckee River Project


    The Truckee River watershed offers one of the most diverse fishing experiences in the West. One can find pure Lahontan cutthroat trout in the Truckee's headwaters in roadless backcountry above iconic Lake Tahoe, the country's largest alpine lake.

  8. California Coastal Coho and Steelhead Coalition

    The once-prolific runs of coho salmon and steelhead along California’s central and northern coast have declined precipitously since the 1950s, due to a variety of factors. California's coho salmon are now estimated at merely 1% of their historic abundance.

  9. Brook trout habitat restoration in the Potomac Headwaters


    The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia is drained by a portion of the mighty Potomac River, and has abundant trout resources. The region is graced with karst, limestone geology that provides streams with cold, buffered spring water.

  10. Lahontan Basin Trout Initiative


    The Lahontan Basin is an exceptional landscape that spans three western states: California, Oregon, and Nevada. Part of the Great Basin, this semi-arid region is rich in fish and wildlife and provides outstanding fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities.


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