Salmon River

Tip of the week 

Chinook Salmon: April 28th (now!) - TBD. Anything shrimp-like, as well as the familiar black and purple steelhead patterns.

Trout - wait until lower water.

Steelhead (over April 30th): swinging egg sucking leaches and green butt skunks in tail outs and smaller runs with a floating line is working well. Nymphing Stoneflies and eggs in slow deep pools and buckets under a indicator can be effective.

Seven-day forecast 

Chinook Salmon: April 28th (now!) - TBD. The first fish have been arriving at Rapid River Hatchery, so get down here! We've been tracking them up the Columbia River, around 1k/day passing over the last of the dams. They've been battling through higher flows, but have been pushing through.

Steelhead season up to Lake Creek (above Riggins) ends April 30th, hope you got out while it was good. (See regs for full details.)

Watch out for Redd's. please Do Not fish around or Tread on Redd's They are your only hope for the fish of tomorrow

Must Have Flies 
Senyo's Gangsta Intruder purple 6 Buy from
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech black 8 Buy from
Chain-Reaction Leech purple 6 Buy from
Steelhead Stone black 8 Buy from
Meg A Egg pink 12 Buy from
Steelie Omelet pink 12 Buy from
The Last Resort

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