San Diego Offshore

Tip of the week 

Fish a heavy shooting head with a 2/0 sized clouser minnow or other baitfish imatations.

Seven-day forecast 

We have a few days of wind and rain coming up Monday to Wednesday. We will see if the conditions and blue water hold up after the storm.


The water color and temp is a great for this time of year. We will see if that hold up with the storm coming up this week.

The Blue Shark fishing has been hit or miss but the Yellowtail/Bonita has been on the chew at La Jolla.

Must Have Flies 
Bucktail Deceiver Blue/White 2/0 Buy from
Surf Candy White 2/0 Buy from
Cowen's Magnum Baitfish Buy from
Half And Half Buy from
Kory Van Tassle

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