Eastern Shale Gas Campaign is a multi-state initiative designed to engage sportsmen and women to protect fish and wildlife habitat from shale gas impacts, with the ultimate goal of promoting responsible energy development.

The Eastern Shale Gas Monitoring Campaign invites sportsmen and women to participate in a citizen-science program that monitors coldwater streams in areas where shale gas drilling and pipeline development are occurring or are anticipated to occur in the future.

This brochure offers an overview of the Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation.

While gas drilling is regulated independently by each state – often leading to inconsistent regulations and environmental protections – common Concerns with the Current Oversight Process exist across the eastern shale region.

From water air quality, to impacts to fish and wildlife habitat and sportsmen's interests, there are number of Potential Impacts that the Sportsmen Alliance is concerned about.

Trout Unlimited has highlighted "Ten Special Places" in the eastern shale gas region where expanding natural gas drilling operations and major pipeline development could pose risks to fishing and hunting opportunities.

The Delaware River Basin Conservation Act of 2015 is proposed federal legislation that would create the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program, to: identify, prioritize, and implement restoration and protection activities in the basin; foster on-the-ground conservation projects; and promote recreation and public access.

TU and its partners are engaging citizens to conduct water quality monitoring and visual reconnaissance to minimize potential impacts from pipeline development on sensitive water, fish and wildlife resources. The brochure Volunteer Pipeline Monitoring outlines the program.

Pipelines, whether gathering lines or larger transmission lines, have potentially significant impacts on trout populations and habitat. Pipelines: Potential Impacts and How to Avoid Them outlines TU’s suggestions for responsible pipeline development.


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