St. Joseph River

Tip of the week 

Strip or swing streamers near any current breaks or log jams where predators will be holding waiting for prey to swim by. Fish surface flies over structure or near undercut banks, don't be scared to dead drift poppers, Smallies love easy meals!

Seven-day forecast 

The Summer pattern is here, if you love to see fish eat surface flies with reckless abandon, the time is now!

Must Have Flies 
Steak N Eggs Black 4-6 Buy from
Steelhead Hammer Black 6 Buy from
Meg A Egg Sucking Leech Purple 4 Buy from
May's Full Motion Crayfish Natural 2 Buy from
Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog Tan/Brown 2 Buy from
Lynch's Double D Streamer White/Pearl 4 Buy from
Kory Boozer

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