Charles Card

Charles Card
Job title 
Northeast Utah Backcountry Coordinator
About me 
I am a hipped out gopherdoodle with perky breasts. I believe that there's no need to drive all day to go fishing when I can be just as unsuccessful at home, and that's why I choose to live where I can get skunked on a very beautiful and productive trout river, the Green. I love fishing it from headwaters to crapwaters. It's all good! I also love TU and that's why I married it...just kidding, I only like girls. I married one of those. I dig fly fishing with homebrew bugs, you dig?
Favorite quote 
"When it comes to burrito's, the cheese really shines." Not really, I just made that up. Here's the real one-of the moment- "I went fishing with a dotted line and caught every other fish." Steven Wright.
Other Interests 
I also fly ties!!!
Group membership 
High Desert Anglers - 620
Stonefly Society - 048
Utah - 9UT
Green River/Flaming Gorge
Utah Single Fly

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