Sportsmen's Conservation Project

Who we are 

At the Sportsmen’s Conservation Project, we know that quality hunting and fishing comes from quality habitat. We are hunters and anglers who believe our sporting heritage is too important to jeopardize. We work to keep the backcountry the way it is by protecting the areas that are critical to producing clean, cool water, healthier fish, trophy bucks and bigger bulls.

How we work 

Often, the best solutions come from the ground up. We work with local sportsmen and women to find not only common ground, but common-sense solutions to protecting the best of what’s left of the wild country in the West.

Staff Contact 

Steve Kandell - Sportsmen's Conservation Project Director

Corey Fisher - Senior Policy Director

Cathy Purves - Foundation and Science Coordinator


Northern Rockies Region (Idaho, Montana)

Tom Reed - Regional Director


Colin Cooney - Montana

Michael Gibson - Idaho

Pacific Northwest Region (Washington, Oregon)

Dean Finnerty - Regional Director


Kyle Smith - Oregon

Nicholas Chambers - Washington

John McMillan - Washington

Bill Clarke - Washington (contractor)

Intermountain Region (Wyoming, Utah, Nevada)

Greg McReynolds - Region Director


Pam Harrington - Nevada 

Andy Rasmussen - Utah

Tasha Sorensen - Wyoming


Southwest Region (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona)

Brad Powell - Regional Director


Tyler Baskfield - Colorado

Ty Churchwell - Colorado

Garrett Hanks - Colorado

Toner Mitchell - New Mexico

Nate Rees - Arizona

Scott Garlid - Arizona


Communications Team

Shauna Stephenson - National TU Communications Director and Montana

Brett Prettyman - Intermountain Region (Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho)

Randy Scholfield - Southwest Region (Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona)

Sam Davidson - California, Oregon and Wild Steelhead Initiative

Jenny Weis - Alaska, Washington, Wild Steelhead Initiative and Columbia/Snake rivers hydro issues

Josh Duplechian - Senior Producer


Adminstrative Support

Katie Becker




Author of this Page 

Brett Prettyman- Intermountain Region Communications Director


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