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November marks the change between seasons, and here at TU it marks for us some changes in our Veterans Service Partnership.
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It is Community not Coincidence
On Friday afternoon, my family packed up our things and headed out after work to camp and fish for the weekend. As is my birthday tradition, we camp at the same place, a special campsite, tucked into some of Wyoming’s National Forest Service land far away from cell phone range.
The Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) began in January of 2011 as an initiative of Trout Unlimited to serve our nation’s veterans and active military, able and disabled, their spouses, and their families and involve them with TU chapter activities with th
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Angler Science + STREAM Education
So, tell us, is your chapter or council involved with any Angler Science + STREAM education projects?
I’ve just returned from an early morning breakfast conversation on youth engagement at THE 2015 SHIFT FESTIVAL. I suppose I’m a morning person anyhow; however, this 7 a.m.
Better yet, join us on Friday in Scranton, PA to congratulate them yourself.
All regular TU members can upgrade to a family membership for free - for a limited time only.
TU is excited to announce two new members of the Headwaters Youth Program community, Tara Granke and Andrew Loffredo.
Today marks the last day of regional meetings in 2015. This is particularly bittersweet for me this year, as I write this note from the runway in Cheyenne, Wyo. where the airline decided to re-route us due to severe weather.
Please take the post event evaluation survey to let us know how we did and how we can improve: