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Chattahoochee Links
Information about dam releases, river flow and water clarity.
UCCTU has created a beautiful and informative tri-fold brochure about the chapter and a New Member introduction presentation.
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Donate Your Gently Used Gear
Your gently used or unused gear needs to be put in hands that will use and appreciate it.  Each month all members are encouraged to donate gear that will be distributed to veterans who are interested in fly fishing. Bring your gear to any chapter meeting.
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Staying in Touch
It's common these days for us to have several email addresses.
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The Best Holiday Gift -Ever
Give a lifetime of engagement in the TU Community
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Changing Chapter Assignments
In a community as mobile as ours, it's helpful to know how to change your assignment to a local chapter.
On July 25, 55 volunteers representing 5 different area Trout Unlimited chapters made their way to Martin Branch, a tributary stream to the Chattahoochee River, for the final TU stream restoration project of 2015.
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Autumn on The RiverOctober 27, 2015
At the July 28, meeting President Jim Harvey presented a $1,000 donation to Casting for Recovery
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Helpful tool
I was fishing with Jim Williams during our Fall trip and he was struggling with knots in the wind and cold.