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Voices from the River: Heat Wave
Finding refuge from the heat, Stanislaus National Forest. By Sam Davidson  
TU's VP for Western Conservation, Rob Masonis, and other signers of the new Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership flank California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird at the signing ceremony on August 29, 2017.  
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Yuba River relicensing: TU comments
Yuba River Chinook salmon. Photo: Jacob Katz  
By Sam Davidson Nowadays there is no age limit, apparently, for quarterbacks. Or for fly fishing.
It is no secret that good conservation outcomes, as a rule, don't happen overnight.
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Voices from the river: Eddies
Moments before the fateful spill, East Carson River. By Sam Davidson
The Nacimiento River at peak winter flow, central California.   By Sam Davidson
According to Anna Halligan, director of the North Coast Coho Project, the “real story” of this project and recent grant award is the partnership it supports between TU, private timber companies, consulting firms and resource agency field staff who are working collaboratively to implement high [ READ MORE... ]
Bill Templin and wild trout, SF Kings River.  By Sam Davidson
Dead salmon in the lower Klamath River, 2002.