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The Steelhead Whisperer, on his home water, in his characteristic pose.   By Sam Davidson Apparently I like to observe important fishing occasions by making other anglers feel better about themselves.
Dean Finnerty, man for all seasons. By Sam Davidson
Recently NOAA Fisheries, the federal agency responsible for recovering marine and anadromous fish species listed under the Endangered Species Act, released 
The North Fork of the Smith River.
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Voices from the River: Opener
The Steelhead Whisperer cradles the object of his affection on his home water during the recent steelhead season opener.   By Sam Davidson
Native redband trout from upper Jenny Creek, Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon. This monument, and others with quality sporting opportunities, are targeted for downsizing or reduction in resource protections by the Trump administration. Photo: Kaden Swart  
The author and his daughter, filling buckets on Yellowstone's Lamar River. By Tim Frahm
One of several BDAs (beaver dam analogues) recently installed in Squaw Creek to improve floodplain connectivity, among many other habitat benefits.  
The Lambert family on the Klamath River.  
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Voices from the River: Bananas
The Steelhead Whisperer on the legendary Trinity River By Sam Davidson