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Blog Post BY jbroderick ON January 5, 2012 - 0 COMMENTS
Council Chair Call on January 18
Breaking News!! OK, it's not really breaking news but it is confirmed that the next Council Chair call is scheduled for January 18th at 8 PM EST.  More information will be forthcoming via e-mail. Hope you can join us!
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Proposed Real Property Policy
Hopefully you have all received the e-mail containing information on the Proposed Policy on the Ownership of Interests in Real Property. If you have not, let me know and I'll make sure you receive it. If you did, what do you think about it? A few things to consider...
Discussion BY jbroderick ON September 19, 2011 - 2 COMMENTS
Welcome to the Council Chair Group on the new TU website!  It is hoped that this forum will provide us the opportunity to more effectively communicate about problems and concerns that we uniquely face in the position of Council Chair.  Now that you've joined us in this Group, how should we organize [ READ MORE... ]