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I spent most of the past few weeks fishing only with click-and-pawl reels. That was mostly just for kicks. I have nothing against disc-drag reels (What are you kidding? I love disc-drag reels), but every now and then I get into palming the reel myself.
When you craft a practice rod for fly fishing, you want to have a real professional review the product, right?
Editor's note: The following is exerpted from TU's book, "Trout Tips," available for online purchase and overnight delivery. 
We've all done some questionable things for fish. We've toted float-tubes into the backcountry on the word of a Google maps photo, only the find the "lake" choked with lily pads and all of three feet deep.
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Gear test: Rodmounts Rod-Up System
Here in Wisconsin starting on one stream in the morning, meeting for lunch somewhere else, hitting another stream in the afternoon, and then heading to yet another river for the evening rise is not uncommon.
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Video spotlight: Trickle
Want to feel small and insignificant?
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Fly tying: Craft-fur Clouser
I love fishing Clousers. I hate tying with bucktail. I can never seem to get the bucktail material to lie flat and stay flat. Most of my Clousers tied with yellow and white bucktail have splayed tails and likely swim like nothing a fish predator has ever seen.