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AOP Project Pics
Here is a nice shot of a brook trout from one of our potential project sites in Madison County, NC. I took photos of this one after the Wildlife Resoruces Commission folks had measured and weighed it - it was a little sleepy!
TU's Land Protection Project is pleased to announce the availability of a second round of CLCF funding for land protection projects on track to close by December 31, 2013. Projects must benefit Eastern brook trout in the Mid-Atlantic or Southeastern Appalachian Mountain Regions. Support for the [ READ MORE... ]
TU’s Land Protection Project accelerates permanent protection of our most pristine fisheries by engaging sportsmen and women as advocates and supporters of land protection and restoration; working with land trusts and grassroots to prioritize and permanently protect high quality trout and salmon [ READ MORE... ]
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Rocky Fork, Unicoi County TN