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Trout in the Classroom (TIC) in NYC and the NYC watersheds bring a unique hands-on, STEM based learning experience for thousands of children throughout the City and beyond!
Partnership between Trout unlimited and The Bronx Children's Museum helps bring Trout in the Classroom to 4 preschool centers in the Bronx.
On October 9 more than 130 TIC teachers, volunteers, and supporters gathered in New York for the Fall 2014 TIC Teacher Training.
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Testing the Waters
Water quality testing is a crucial part of the TIC program. Not only is it essential for the survival of the trout in the artificial tank 'ecosystem', but it is also a great way to get students to do science while caring for their fish.
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Creature Features
Trout in the Classroom students in NY work on identifying benthic stream macroinvertebrates during their trout release and learn all about what the food source of their trout.
In this lesson students learn how NYC gets 1 billion gallons of clean, cold, unfiltered wated from the Catskill Mountains and how these water resources are shared with the trout and other species that live there.
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Trout are Made of Trees
Trout in the classroom students in NYC learn all about stream ecology and trout food webs through this interactive, hands-on, art activity with a science infusion .
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"Silvester" the Trout
Meet "Silvester" our one and only stuffed-disectable trout used to teach NYC Trout in the Classroom (TIC) students all about trout anatomy.
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NY TIC Teacher Conference 2013
Teachers in NY gather at Bear Mountain to prepare for their trout raising journey.
Josh Platt and his students at Woodstock Day School, located in the NYC Watershed town of Woodstock, participated in Trout in the Classroom for the first time in 2012. They documented every step of the way in this wonderful video.