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Cohocton River Shade Enhancement Project
Several sites throughout the Cohocton River Watershed have been targeted for riparian restoration as part of another joint project between the Canandaigua Lake TU Chapter and the Cohocton River Valley TU Chapter. In early October TU volunteers completed another planting along the Cohocton River i
Spearheaded by the Canandaigua Lake Chapter of TU, TU volunteers have completed the latest phase of a multi-phase plan to re-vegetate an important reach of the Cohocton River. The project site is located between Cohocton and Avoca near the Finger Lakes of New York.
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Russell Brook Bank Stabilization Project
The Catskill Partnership with design help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service work with private landowners to restore trout habitat on Russell Brook, a tributary of the Beaverkill River.
The TU Catskill Partnership with help from the US Fish and Wildlife Service complete restoration work on the East Branch Delaware River near Harvard, NY.
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