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The second annual STREAM Girls event was held on June 19th and 20th, in Wisconsin's Jordan Park, along the Plover River. It is a collaborative event between Trout Unlimited and the Girl Scouts of America, and we were very excited to get our girls involved and learning about water once again!
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Did you say... outfit?!
As a self-proclaimed girly girl who grew up with a single mother who didn't fish, I had been sorely lacking in some of the vocabulary that is thrown around at typical TU meetings.
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You got a dress on?!
Ever since I can remember, my beloved 87-year old grandfather, Grampie, has had a hearing problem. It has gotten worse in the last twenty years, and he hates his hearing aids.
When I started dreaming about finding a way to get girls on the stream, I hoped that someday I could create a program that would forge a long lasting connection between girls and the water.
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Women's Retreat
It was wonderful to meet all the ladies at the women's retreat this year.  I'm looking forward to hearing all the fantastic ideas that will undoubtedly come from a meeting of the minds like this. :) Thanks a bunch, ladies! .:heidi:.