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Housatonic River
Late summer fishing on the Housatonic is hot!
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September Meeting featuring Ron MerlySeptember 11, 2014
Ron Merly, author of Flyfisher's Guide to Connecticut will discuss spin fishing for trout at our September meeting. Ron will discuss methods and techniques used to catch larger trout as well as how using a spin rod will greatly improve the fly-fishermen's techniques and success.
Fishing Reports BY Stephen Zakur ON July 22, 2014 - 0 COMMENTS
Farmington River, 7/21
Great late afternoon fishing into the evening. Stay late. Take small flies. Enjoy the catching.
Over the past decade Deep Brook, site of two Embrace-a Stream-grants has suffered two oil spills and, in July of 2013, a fish kill. Despite over $250,000 of improvements to habitat, the brook's wildlife continues to struggle due to the errors of stewards of the land.
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TU members finish installation of an information kiosk and put up content about Deep Brook's Class 1 Wild Trout Management Area and Newtown's Open Space.
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CVTU Trout in the Classroom Video
A video providing an overview of Candlewood Valley chapter's TIC program.
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February Meeting: Steve Culton, Fishing Wet FliesFebruary 12, 2014
On Tuesday, February 11th we're welcoming Steve Culton to present on Fishing and Tying Wet flies. Wet fly fishing is a very effective method of getting cautious trout to take a fly. That said, it's a bit of a forgotten art.
The Tuesday October 8th Meeting of Candlewood Valley Chapter will feature a viewing of the video "Our Sole Source: Protecting out Town's Water.
The state DEEP and Housatonic River Outfitters have completed their annual Stocking