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Time to take kids outside!
With spring finally here, it is more important than ever to get kids outside.
We are excited to announce the 4th annual Trout Unlimitited (TU) Teen Summit, to be held at the end of June in western North Carolina.
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Core values of TU's youth education
       The NLC Youth Education Workgroup, in 2011, began a project to identify the common “Core Values” of the Headwaters Youth Education Initiative, which was begun by TU staff members lead by Franklin Tate.
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Planning a meaningful youth event
What makes a successful and meaningful field education experience for youth?  A lot of chapters offer a lot of different types of education events, and they all have many things in common.  TU youth education events: ·         focus on the fish and the water,  
Stream Explorers has been TU's children's magazine for five years.  All youth members 12 and under receive this magazine quarterly.  It has also been great as a handout at chapter events.  Our 15 issues are educational and cover a broad range of topics from across the country.
Just now, in the cold and gray of winter, we can imagine the bright, warm summer.  For many teens, that summer will include a week at trout camp!
In the dead of winter, this is the day we are all looking forward to!
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Videos to share TU's youth work
Does anyone ever ask you what TU's Headwaters Youth Program is all about?  Do you ever wish you had an easy way to share all that we do with other TU members or program partners from other organizations?
But now I know that conservation and water ecology play a part in being a good fisherman.
TU Teens (13-18) are now totally separate from Stream Explorers (up to age 12), with their own membership level.