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Giving thanks
Seven years ago, I asked Marcia Woolman, the first woman to win the Ray Mortenson Award, the highest honor Trout Unlimited gives to a volunteer, what was most important for volunteers. Her response? “Chris, just say thank you.”
We all want to make fishing better. But more than that, we want to pass on to our kids a healthier land and water legacy than the one we inherited.
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Helping one another to help the fish
Wild fish advocates are winning in court but losing in the river. Warming air temperatures and drought have turned the slack-water reservoirs behind the dams into lethally-warm bathtubs.
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Walking the Talk
As a corporation, Orvis walks the sustainability talk, but it is on the ground where their presence is most felt...
"And because of his leadership, the agency has fundamentally changed..."
Here's a little good news for your weekend.
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Of Sons and Walleye
“Dad, look!” I followed Wylie’s arm and saw a big bald eagle perched in a tree.
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2017 PRC gar
Keith, a shame you never posted your pics...
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TU's interns rock!
Many would say these announcements are a cynical effort to weaken the heart of American conservation. If so, they are also an opportunity for us sportsmen and women—the people who value clean water, public lands, and our healthiest habitats the most—to make sure that we are not taken for granted by [ READ MORE... ]