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Voices from the River: Short days
Dad can’t do everything he once could, and he has bad days, but he’s still plugging away and finding joy in fishing and the outdoors. He knows he’s in the waning years of his life, and maybe because of that, he still gets up and gets out and keeps active. He’s still teaching me. “Do everything you [ READ MORE... ]
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TU project wins over ranchers
Trout Unlimited has planted its conservation flag in collaborative work that meets partners in the “pragmatic center"--an approach that's helping sustain our rural communities, river flows and fishing.
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Voices from the River: The Crick
Paul and I didn’t need to read peer-reviewed studies to know that this little crick, like the millions of other intermittent streams like it, combine with other unnamed water sources, transporting runoff, sediment, food and many other important elements vital for cold, clean, fishable waters.
"You can’t grow food without water. You can’t live without water. Without water, nothing survives. I’m not thinking about myself; I’m thinking about my grandkids. I want them to be healthy and have clean water like I had growing up. I think it’s our job to protect it."
At Upslope, we oppose any changes to the Clean Water Rule that would weaken the protections it established for critically important waterways like small streams and wetlands. Our craft breweries depend on those waterways to provide the clean water that we use to brew our beer.
Even beyond the outdoor industry, this action could take away protections for 60 percent of all U.S. streams, 20 million acres of wetlands and waters that contribute to the drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans. No one can ignore that. We need to know that our government is keeping its people healthy [ READ MORE... ]
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The Animas, two years later
Those of us who live here and are intimately aware of the issues with mine-related water quality in the headwaters know the reality. The dozens of draining abandoned mines near Silverton discharge the equivalent load of metals as one Gold King spill every 5-7 days, and have been doing so for [ READ MORE... ]
It’s easy to get discouraged and wonder, What can one person do? As it turns out, one committed person—and especially one person working with other committed people—can do a whole lot.
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Backpacking for greenbacks
At first, they clumped together for a moment, seemingly unsure about where to go or hide in the cold, clear water. Then, after a few minutes, a few of them began to swim into the current and began rising to the small mayfly hatch coming off the surface. These fish were raised in captivity, but [ READ MORE... ]
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Many hands make great work
Our revegetation work day included upwards of 20 staff and volunteers and, in several hours, we spread 600 pounds of fertilizer, 1,350 pounds of Biochar (a charcoal-based material that helps the soil retain nutrients and water) and 4,200 pounds of compost across the site. This was a tough day of [ READ MORE... ]