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Paul Bruchez is a fifth-generation rancher whose family raises cattle in the upper reaches of the Colorado River near Kremmling, Colorado, where he also runs a private fly-fishing guide service. “A River’s Reckoning” highlights Paul’s awakening to the importance of river conservation and the legacy [ READ MORE... ]
Too often, sportsmen see agriculture producers as hostile to their goals. That’s just wrong. We have a lot in common in our shared love for land and the outdoors and our desire to preserve what’s best about fish and game habitat and rural communities in the West. We need to work together—there’s a [ READ MORE... ]
Like clean air, soil, and water, these land-based communities are drifting further from our experience, if not our minds. And as much as we might overlook it, rural communities are ecologically, and therefore inextricably, linked to land health. Improved soil improves water improves air improves [ READ MORE... ]
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Mr. Cotner goes to Washington
“We’re basically growing alfalfa,” Kevin Cotner said during one sit-down with congressional staffers. “It’s a high water-use crop. So if we can switch crops or fallow, we can kick a lot of water back into the river.”
Cary Denison, TU’s project coordinator in the Gunnison area, says that many anglers don’t realize that much of the West’s native trout have been removed from their historical ranges, and the remaining “natives” are those fish that many consider to be trash fish. “If we aim to improve these rivers, [ READ MORE... ]
“Trout in the classroom provides hands on, inquiry-based learning," said Grenader. "As a project-based teacher, this program fits into my curriculum perfectly. I am able to engage the students, and integrate the fifth grade science standards into the program seamlessly. My students feel like real [ READ MORE... ]
One lesson of Abrams Creek: In a world of less water, there’s hope for preserving the health and quality of our rivers, fish and wildlife if we dig in and work together on solutions.
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An intern's summer of mine work
I couldn’t be happier with my experience working for TU’s Abandoned Mine Land team. The internship helped me to expand and sharpen my skills with measuring and sampling data, communicating with coworkers and other collaborating companies, as well as practice critical thinking and planning.
I carefully examined each fly, admiring each one. I couldn’t wait to try out my new fishing flies at my favorite fishing spot. Fly fishing has been a part of my family for three generations. My grandfather, my father and now myself are connected and bonded with fly fishing. Every time I tie my own [ READ MORE... ]
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Fraser River on the upswing
“This section of the Fraser River is the healthiest I’ve seen this river in the 47 years I’ve lived here,” TU’s Klancke said. “The best part is we’re hoping to do more river improvements like this in the future with our Learning By Doing partners.”