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Discussion BY Brian.Koz ON July 13, 2016 - 2 COMMENTS
Debacle on the Au Sable
The river is ours to share, the Mason Tract deeded to the state for all to enjoy for its beauty and serenity, we need to find common ground and not further the reputation of fly fishing as being an exclusive sport.
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Koz's Sexy Hexy Emerger
Blog Post BY Brian.Koz ON January 20, 2014 - 2 COMMENTS
What is Conservation?
Although I understand the delicate balance of keeping the peace with the constituents of the state who should be purchasing licenses, the obvious fact is that we are no longer stocking these same rivers the way the DNR did back in the eighties. Yet, today we seem to treat them as a ‘put and take’ [ READ MORE... ]
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Tree Trimming Party~
Our passion for rivers is one in the same, conservation of it's natural beauty is the reason we are on this river. Even after being asked a hundred times why this river is special to me, I am dumbfounded. You are here in the middle of this amazing and spectacular natural setting and words fail to [ READ MORE... ]
Blog Post BY Brian.Koz ON November 27, 2013 - 2 COMMENTS
Steelhead Skies
Coffee in hand, steaming a steady plume in the air as I met my Guide for the day behind his house on the river. His boat was ready, somewhat crude, and definitely well conditioned. It was a early 90’s MacKenzie style high side drifter that used to “Fear No Rock”, but most certainly met most, if not [ READ MORE... ]
Video BY Brian.Koz ON November 24, 2013 - 3 COMMENTS
Koz's Caddis/Hopper
Hook: TMC 2487BL size #10 & 12Thread: UTC Olive G.S.P. 100Body: 2mm Tan foamUNderbody: Hare-line Ice Dub Caddis GreenLegs: Barred & Speckled Crazy Legs PumpkinWing: Premo Deer Hair- White, Olive, Yellow
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Simone getting ready
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Sink Tips and Streamers
We suited up in our Waderwick stir-up Robin Hood Tights and Simms Rubber pants and met early Saturday afternoon at a nearby boat launch to make a plan from there. Zach has just returned from his half-day guide trip and might be interested in joining our blustery rendezvous with 'River Q'
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Jupiter Rising~
We have reached the outer limit. The towers of technology apparently can't bounce a signal to me as we shove off into the dark onyx lake. This is what we live for. The depth and mysteries of this lake are as shrouded as our future. We are unplugged. Slicing across the lake and swinging bead-head [ READ MORE... ]
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Doing my part for 'Conversation'.
A few beer cans, water bottles, the usual suspects. I really do have my eyes peeled for the elusive lost sandal or perhaps a cooler that was swirled away after a canoe took a flip. No such luck. That is a good thing right? I believe so. Then the conversation takes a turn as deep and murky as one of [ READ MORE... ]