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Fly Patterns BY Brennan Louis Sang ON April 23, 2013 - 1 COMMENTS
Claret Bumble
I love the way the mix of the blue head hackle and the claret dubbing came together on this one. Fly by Peter McCallum.
At 8:00 pm Eastern on Tuesday March 12th, Director of Government Affairs, Steve Moyer will be leading a call on TU's abandoned mine efforts and the potential political and legal pitfalls that can jeopardize such projects.
We've chosen the winners for this year's photo contest. Well over 1,500 photos were submitted to our photo contest this year. Almost all of them were great shots. After much hand-wringing and consideration, we chose 15 finalists, and asked you to choose your favorites.
  Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party and former Congressman Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) lets the world know that he wants to Save Bristol Bay.
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The law of attractors
With the Yellowstone winds quickly whipping our high-country snow out to Eastern Montana, I’ve been spending the blustery days at the vise. Every year I try to tie up a season’s worth of bugs over the course of a winter.
Scientists agree that next to habitat loss, aquatic invasive species pose the greatest threat to the decline of native aquatic species in North America.