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I always have at least a few H2's in my boat or pack, but bring your special TU Edition/ The Orvis Company​ H2 rod & CFO reel with you on a complementary full-day guided trip when you sign up as new Trout Unlimited​ Life Member in the next 30 days. I'll guide you and a guest on the Yakima for a [ READ MORE... ]
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Getting Down To The Who
Starting a new TU Chapter is a lot of work - work that's done behind the scenes before any of the actual conservation work gets done. The "organizing" of this army of volunteers takes dedicated and tireless leaders but it all comes down to you!
The Upper Yakima River is home to wild, native species like Bull Char, Steelhead, and Westslope Cutthroat. Currently, there are grassroots TU programs and initiatives on it's headwaters along Eastern Slope of the Cascades, but there's one thing that's missing - you.
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Taylor River
The Taylor is a tributary of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie, in the Cascade foothills about 50 miles to the east of Seattle.
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Freestones and Small Streams
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Take Great Fish Photos and Keep Them Wet!
Everyone loves a great fish photo, but proper handling is key to releasing that prized catch - here's a unique way to do both!
The Bellevue Issaquah Chapter 109 installed a few monofilament collection tubes at a couple of WDFW access areas on the Snoqualmie River, just outside of Seattle. It's a popular hatchery fishery in the wintertime, and a lesser-known trout and Coastal Cutthroat fishery in Summer and Fall seasons. [ READ MORE... ]
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The Open Fly Podcast - Access Episode
The Open Fly Podcast launched recently and we're rowing with both oars right off the bat. Listen in as we discuss stream access in Utah (and beyond), a member of the Miller Van Winkle Chapter shares Michigan conservation stories, and a guy with a wheelchair talks taking risks.
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Yakima River
The lower river is flow ice right now, but this is normal and is usually gone by February. Big Pines, down in the lower canyon, is the access area most affected. Try walking in/floating the upper river between S.
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Clark's Stonefly Variation
Early-season pattern for the springtime, when the Golden Stones are hatching. Tied sparse to sit low in the water and heavy on the hackle to simulate a noisy emergence.