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Blog Post BY Josh Duplechian ON December 21, 2017 - 0 COMMENTS
Not mine, ours.
By Tom Reed It doesn’t take long after the bar is open before the first drink order comes in. Hey Tom, can you make me a Smith River Special? You bet buddy.
A River’s Reckoning in the Wild and Scenic Film Festival
As a child we fished. My brothers and our friends did a lot of things together but primarily we fished. Each one of us allocated our allowance money to purchase what we needed for our next suburban adventure. A tackle box. A new reel and rod. A better selection of Rooster Tails.
Did you all know that Sweetwater Brewing is giving $100,000 this year again to #saveourwater?
By Josh Duplechian Waking up I notice my toes are still frozen solid. I slept in layers for the last few nights. Many layers in fact. The tip of my nose is the only body part not covered from the cold damp January night. 
By Josh Duplechian Frank is a man with a knack for organization. His black Richard Wheatley fly boxes are neatly arranged in order of size, color and pattern.
Many great comments were submitted for last month's Guess the River contest but there can only be one winner. This time around it's Justin Garant with the guess of the Green River in northern Utah.
Do you love guessing games? I’ll admit I do. My love of guessing games might have been renewed because of my kids addiction to them recently. Our bookshelves are haphazardly lined with all sorts of guessing games and books.
Picture this. You’re sitting on a rock, tailgate or a patch of nice ground along the river’s edge either by yourself or with good companionship. It’s been a long day on the water and the sun is making it’s daily move behind the clouds and the mountains.