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BROMO TOUR PACKAGE FROM SINGAPORE This article is Part 2 of Mount Buthak Climbing via Panderman. For those of you who have not read the Part 1, can be read here: Mount Buthak Climbing via Panderman - PART 1 Also read: Mount Buthak Climbing via BROMO PACKAGE Panderman - PART 2 Mount Buthak Climbing via Panderman - PART 1 Mount Argapura Now let's continue our journey to the next location in Part 2. That afternoon we prepared a tent while seasoned with panic because it was getting dark. I intermittently checked the direction of the entrance to the savanna when there were flashlights starting to arrive. I watched while I interrupted "Ekii !, Doyokk!" But there has been no reply. Until several times the other groups arrived, there were still no signs from our friends. Tents have stood, meaning we have to prepare cooking utensils for dinner and cook water for warm drinks. Suddenly from a distance we heard a voice that I seemed to know calling out: "Nonaaa, eh, Novaaa ... (hehe)". Instantly the shout returned "Doyok, Eki !!". Thankfully the team 2 arrived at Savana safely even though they had to travel differently from the previous agreement. But it's okay, the important thing is we all survived without lacking one thing. Then I immediately approached so that they would not have trouble reaching us. I am relieved that friends can come to the savanna before it's too late. We helped friends from Team 2 to set up tents, after which they rested while Agis and I prepared dinner. While waiting for the dishes to be prepared we chatted in the tent of Team 1, Bang Doyok told the chronology of their trip. A Tiring Trip, Time for Dinner All dishes are ready. The evening menu was a bit special because the body was exhausted after climbing Mount Buthak with its long field. The legs and back already want to get out of place, then the stomach must be spoiled. In the tent we have prepared white rice, fried eggs, chicken ungkep and warm drinks. We then eat together deliciously. But Eki doesn't want to eat as usual. It's okay maybe he's on a diet. (set it up!) The stomach has been filled and has not struggled anymore, chatting is also tired, the eye turns asking for a break. We prepare our bedding such as warm clothes, hand shirts, socks, face masks, skullcaps, sleeping bags, and hoaammmhhh ... I'm sleepy. But it seems like other friends are still chatting in front of a campfire with tent neighbors. It's not what I am zzzz.zz.z.z ... first.