Chris Corbett

About me 
Chris Corbett 43 years old Fishing has always been my favorite sport! I have fly fished for only the past 4 years as my dad(Daniel Corbett) has finally taken me Salmon and Steelhead fishing in Baldwin Michigan where the fishing is UNBELIEVEABLE!! I live in Chattanooga,Tennessee where I now use my fly rod no matter where I fish. Unfortunately, there isn't any fishing like the Pere Marquette,Manas tee, or the Muskeegon , I still love the fly rod as its so enjoyable to use ! Anybody around the Chattanooga area that loves fly fishing I would love to fish with . It doesn't matter what you fish for as long as we enjoy THE GREAT OUTDOORS!!
Favorite quote 
When my dad says" will you be able to go to Baldwin next week?"
Other Interests 
and people who respect nature!