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Mr. Dan Parson

Mr. Dan Parson
About me 
Hello! My name is Daniel and I am a HS biology/anatomy teacher and debate coach during the school year, and a flyfFishing guide for "Solitary Angler" in the summers. I am lucky to call Wyoming's Green, Hams Fork, Fontenelle and Smiths Fork rivers home. I also fool around on Lake Flaming Gorge some. My wife knows how to sling line too, and together we feel very lucky to be raising our kids here! I grew up fishing the waters of Minnesota for the standard warm water species and played as often as I could on the North Shore of Superior with trout/salmon/steelies. I did my undergrad work in Iowa (where I chased fish on the Cedar River, hunted upland birds and waterfowl, and missed way to much class), did a 4-year stint teaching in Chicago and getting grad school done (fishing on park ponds and Lake Michigan saved my sanity). In the summers during this phase of life I spent 9 seasons guiding young fishermen in the Black Hills at a youth camp. Wanting to be out west again and out of the city, I finally landed my current teaching position in Wyoming (more than 20 years ago now) where I float my beloved Green River south of Pinedale Wy as often as I can. I also hunt waterfowl & grouse (I'm a bird dog guy), elk, deer, and antelope (archery and rifle). This is my 24th year of teaching and coaching debate. I deeply love what I do. Teaching is good for my heart. Debate is good for my mind. Fishing is good for my soul. My wife and I have been married almost 6 years. She is my best friend. Together we have 4 kids; an 11-year old daughter, 2 18-year old boys, and a 21-year old daughter. Our house is full of life with all the kids and pets and activities. It is a good life. Better than I deserve, more than I hoped for, and one I do not take for granted.
Favorite quote 
Calling fly-fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job.
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Fly Tying
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