Rich Redman

Rich Redman
About me 
I retired from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, after 27 plus years of running a field office in the Adirondacks of NY. I have my own business now doing habitat restoration, consulting, writing and photography. I have a column in the local paper called "Conservation Conversations", write for The Angler magazine, the North Country Living magazine, and the Conservationist. I fly fish as much as possible and am now the President of the Lake Champlain Chapter of TU. I love doing river work and bio-engineering projects. I am now a fly fishing guide, mostly working the Ausable River.
Favorite quote 
A man must know his limitations!
Other Interests 
Retired from fire Department
Member of County HAZMAT Team
Fly fishing of course
reading about Fly fishing history and equipment
bird hunting.
Group membership 
The Front Porch
New York - 9NY
Colorado - 9CO
Steel Addicts
Stream Ambassadors
Lake Champlain - 419