Steve Lee

Steve Lee
About me 
Taught myself dry fly trout fishing in high school thru book 'Trout' by Ray Bergman. Many trips to Coon Valley, WI and Timber Coulee and other wonderful streams around La Crosse with buddies. Then Art Ayelsworth, my 6 year mentor in Montana in Ronan and the Clarksfork were amazing memories from 1989 to 1995 ... then a long drought. Finally got wise and gave up golf (5 hrs on a trout stream is 5 minutes!) and in 2010 dialed up my trout memories as I traveled MN and WI by car with many stops on countless streams finding serenity. Sharing passion with several new friends who have become hooked and this adds a whole new joy to this wonderful pastime.
Favorite quote 
Opening paragraph to Norman McLeans book 'The River Runs through it' because Art grew up with him and gave me the book in 1990 and I still quote it by heart!
Other Interests 
Competitive XC skiing
biking and running and reading! Both my sons have fly-fished with me and gonna dial it up with them!
Group membership 
Minnesota - 9MN
Wisconsin Council of Trout Unlimited 9WI